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FLEX LEARNING offers short, efficient courses in topics related to "Business Economics" , e.g.: financial reporting, budgeting, strategic management, excel, investment calculating and making funding decisions. The courses are directed to company owners and employees without extensive economics background who work daily with these topics and whose effectiveness will be enhanced through increased understanding of these same topics.

Flex Learning offers efficient courses in topics related to Business Economics
Kurser i regnskabsforståelse, regnskabsanalyse, investering og finansiering, 
kalkulation, budgetlægning og budgetopfølgning, likviditetsstyring, samfundsøkonomi samt strategisk analyse
 - i dejlige lokaler hos LMO Horsens. Små hold giver effektiv indlæring

Kurser i regnskab, budgettering, Excel, strategiudvikling afholdes i Horsens, nær Aarhus.